Hello and bon appétit! I am Kristina.
Forever explorer of food & life beauty through the  lens.

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 I’m delighted to share my passion for food styling and photography with you. In this space, I’m excited to share with you delectable everyday recipes alongside inspiration and tips for food styling and photography. Join me as I navigate the world of food photography, and together, let’s explore the magic of food and and the beauty it brings to life’s delicious moments.

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Happy wifey. Mom of two. Boss babe. Feminine energy empowered. Professional coffee drinker. Flowers inspired. Shower singer. Undercover wine taster. Kitchen dancer. Love lover. Life adorer. ♡

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Pomladno-poletna in za posebne priložnosti: Torta limona-bezeg

Food has an undeniable power to tantalize our senses. All the mouthwatering dishes in cookbooks, food magazines, advertisements, and Instagram posts are not a coincidence. Behind every great food photo and beside every great photographer there is a food stylist. A person who’s job is to make food look appetizing and evoke viewer’s senses.

Christmas Star Bread

Recipe was created for Instagram campaign in collaboration with Žito. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is just around the corner, and …

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