Dark & Moody // Food Styling & Photography Guideline


Were you trying to create dark & moody photos but they were just dark all the time?

Are you wondering how to create a perfect setup for darker style?

Would you like to know how to manipulate light to achieve dark image, but not all dark?

Are you interested how to edit moody style? Or how to create dark photo and keep some color details alive?

I’m here with all the answers! I’ve been there where you are and with help of other creatives and with lots of practising I managed to become really confident in dark & moody style, where I still like to keep my colors pretty and eye-catchy.

You will learn:
+ which light sources can you use
+ what is the perfect setup for creating darker styled images inside and out in the nature
+ which backdrops to consider
+ which props to use
+ how to give a some character or roughness to the image
+ how to edit dark & moody photos in Adobe Lightroom
+ and many more

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And don’t forget to let me know how did you like it on the dark side 😉

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