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My first-ever backdrop collection is here

You’ve heard the news, right?

Yes, I launched my first-ever backdrop collection for you and all of our fellow photographers. You can check them out here.

As a food photographer, I know what we want from our backdrops and as a graphic designer, I know how to use my skills to provide premium-quality designs.

These high-quality backdrops are like an enchanting wink of inspiration to your ever-evolving talent. Let them be your playground for your visions, falling in love with the alluring power of art and feeling fascinated by your work.

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Story behind my premium photography backdrop collection

‘My main inspiration is life itself, with always exchanging ups and downs, magical nature, majestic architecture, and little moments, in which you feel excited just for being a part of this magical universe.’

Life, this everlasting source of inspiration, is the main character in the story behind my new business project:

I’m creating my collection of premium design backdrops for photographers and content creators.


The story by the fountain in Provence

Let me take you back to sunny July of 2022, in romantic scenery of Provence, the dreamy land for food and wine lovers.

I don’t know if it was the fragrant lavender fields, relaxing French vibes, or their art history, but I saw inspiration in every little corner of this magical land.

I still remember precious family moments in a little city called Aigues Mortes, in which I realized how to put all that inspiration into something new and original.

To escape the midday heat, we found some refreshment by the fountain, by dipping our feet into the cool water. I felt so connected to my inner child while having fun, singing, giggling, and splashing around with my two kids and hubby.

And at that moment I saw the most perfect vintage doors which opened the doors in my head.

‘These should be my backdrop’, I said to myself out loud.

kristi explorer francija

My first backdrop designs are born

You guessed it right: I took too many photographs of every corner in Provence that called my name and my curiosity (I mean, wouldn’t you😉?).

When I came back home to my office, I started editing those captures and turned them into real-deal backdrop files with my graphic design skills.

I printed a few designs just for me and my work, which also saw the light of the IG community. And I started getting so many questions.‘Kristina, where did you get his backdrop? I want it😍! “

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How do you create backdrops

As a typical libra sign, my thing is to strive for fun adventures, enjoying life and surrounding myself with pretty things. I always wanted to devote my career to creating visual art and bringing beauty to the world.

I studied fashion design in high school and continued my education at University for graphics & print.

My first (and still running) business is actually revolving around graphic design. I am a woman behind self-made brand called Designlicious.
Yes, I am a graphic designer and a well-taught one, if I may add 😉.

My devoted work and burning passion for food photography and styling led me to create a fulfilling second business.

Creating my own photography backdrop designs was in my mind for a very long time.

But apparently, it needed to ‘marinade’ in me,
until that moment by the fountain in Provence,
when I got that final kick of inspiration and decided:
‘That’s it! I’m doing it!’


Opening the doors of my shop

Just like Aigues Mortes had opened its doors to me, I’m now opening the doors for you into my new business endeavor: premium design photography backdrops e-shop.

The official launch have happened on 24th July and I wholeheartedly hope you’ll find a design
that’ll make you gasp in awe and say: ‘Oh wow, I want that one!’

Check out all the badcrkop designs here

What kind of designs can you find in my e-shop

For now, the designs are divided into two sections: Original designs – Aigues Mortes collection

Backdrops inspired by the Azzure sea, blue hues, cold sea waves and the doors of Aigues Mortes. I turned my pictures into the backdrops, so you can create strong storytelling with your work.

Blue Ocean Teal Photo Collage Facebook Post 2

Inspired by life – other designs

Designs, which are not part of my Aigues Mortes collection are made either from my old pictures or designs I bought on graphic design websites.

I changed, reshaped, resized, and adjusted all the designs to the point where I said: ‘Well, this design is epic. I wanna take this to my studio’Remember, I’d never sell anything that I wouldn’t use.

Blue Ocean Teal Photo Collage Facebook Post 4

What is special about my backdrop e-shop

These backdrops are truly made for photographers by a food photographer.

I know what we love and hate when it comes to photography backdrops, since I’ve been using them for 5 years. I also got an insight into that topic by chatting with my newsletter community which is poppin’ with talented food photographers.

Here’s a list of features we want in backdrops:

  • They should be completely flat once it’s rolled out. 
  • No folding in edges!
  • We want them to be lightweight.
  • The designs should be premium quality,
  • Especially because we love shooting with macro lenses.
  • Backdrops need to be easy to clean.
  • The vinyl has to be top quality.

Do my backdrops have all of the above? Yes, they do! Pinky promise 💕.

Check out all the badcrkop designs here

New monthly designs

Wanna hear something really good?

Each month I’ll add more designs to the shop and name the ‘designs of the month‘. You’ll never have to wait for seasonal shop updates! You’ll be able to shop them separately or as a bundle with a special promotional price.

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What kind of designs of backdrops are the best

Well, my friend you will be the judge of that 😉. Choosing the right backdrop depends on many factors
that you’ll need to take into consideration:

  • What is missing in your current backdrop collection
  • Your level of food styling and photography experience
  • Type of food you are shooting
  • Your clients need
  • How well you can work with colors
  • What style of food photography do you like
La blanche 2

In conclusion

Thank you for reading the BTS story of creating my first-ever photography backdrop collection.

I hope these designs will boost your creativity, spark up your imagination and inspire you to create beauty. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and tag me on your pictures, on which you’re using backdrops from my webshop.

It will make me feel super sweet and excited ❤️.

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