Natureta // Pretty Platter Ideas


Platter ideas were prepared in collaboration with Natureta & Kras.

This pretty project happened with well known Slovenian brand Natureta. They own wide range of products, like ready meals, sauces, pickled vegetables, marmalades & jams, soups, olives, horseradish condiments, the famous honey mustard, ajvar, the evergreen ketchup and selection of frozen products. 

But this time we focused on the platters. We needed them to be eye catchy, topfull and inviting. So it was even better when Kras came into the story with their meat products with the starring role of Karst prosciutto. And of course the variety of other vacuum-packed delicacies they offer: pancetta, meat roll, salami and beef products, cooked and roasted ham, mortadella and more.

Huh, did I just hear these ingredients tick all the boxes on your list?

Then get ready for some flavoursome platter ideas, which you can prepare right there in the comfort of your home, for your gatherings with friends or family.

Let’s start!

Special thanks to Kmetija Pustotnik for the cheese selection and Androž Bajželj for the prettiest sourdough bread.

Tips when making platters:

  1. More is more: be generous with the ingredients. The platter will look fuller and more intriguing. You wan’t all the eyes on that plate to explore all the beautiful components.
  2. Combine unpredictables elements: chocolate-cheese, grilled apricots-thyme, honey-hard cheese-grinded coffee beans, Brie cheese-pears, peanut butter-pickles, strawberry-balsamic vinegar, eggs-grape jam, grilled pineapple-chilli sauce, … It goes on and on. But try it first or use Google for alredy verified ideas.
  3. Jazz it up: with fresh fruits (grapes, oranges, figs, avocado, cherries, kiwi), dry fruits (apricots, plums, apples), nuts (all knds), herbs, fresh veggies, crackers, cookies, chips. Combine colors and textures.
  4. Be creative: play with composition, explore cutting and folding shapes. Use whole cheese rounds, fold prosciutto as a rose, let herbs just fall on the plate. Make heights and lows. Arrange, but not too much.

Feel free to tag me into your party platters >> @storyonaplate_kristinasmodila. Thank you!

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