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Have you ever wished to take more outdoor photos, but you are stressed and confused where to start, you’re wondering how to move your home studio outside, without having the kitchen near by?

Snag this free e-book before I move it into my e-shop, and learn how to prepare for an amazing outdoors food photography session, how to enjoy the process and how the get the most out of it.

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Let’s celebrate this magical season filled with the long, warm days,
divine holden hour light, seasonal food
and blooming flowers.

Don’t worry, I took so many outdoor photos in these past years,
that I can share with you quite a few useful tips,
without complicating your life with tons of diffusers and stands
or searching for another person to help.
And also, why not to learn from my mistakes?

You will learn:

    • how to plan outdoor food photoshoot, to get the most out of it

    • how to find the perfect location

    • how to choose furniture elements and props

    • which photography equipment and basic kitchen props you need in the nature

    • when is the best time to take photos outside

    • what are the things that you need to be careful about
    • real photoshoots examples and backstories

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