Visualizing Taste: The World of Food Styling

Food has an undeniable power to tantalize our senses. All the mouthwatering dishes in cookbooks, food magazines, advertisements, and Instagram posts are not a coincidence. Behind every great food photo and beside every great photographer there is a food stylist. A person who’s job is to make food look appetizing and evoke viewer’s senses.

My top 8 workflow Apps for creative business: daily must-haves

Does your Youtube search history include phrases like:
‘Help! What are the best apps for biz organization?’ .

Or are you searching for organizing apps on Google, while brushing your teeth before the bedtime, hoping to find a solution to your, let’s be honest, chaotic schedule?

In this blog post I’m revealing my top 6 workflow apps,
which save me lots of time and keep me up to date with my projects.

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