Taste Laško // The most characteristic flavors of that region


Within the European Gastronomic Region 2021, many culinary projects and hidden pearls, which we do not know enough about, sparkled through. Among them are also the flavors that smell in Laško and its surroundings.

I’m really happy that Stik Laško, initiator of Taste Laško project have decided to entrust their culinary story to me and my food writer college Mateja Delakorda.

In my studio those local dishes and ingredients instantly became the stars on the table and we easily created so many amazing photos. The very unique ingredient was for sure browned cream, which is used as the filling in many baked goods.

As Laško is as healthy as honey and as light as its beer, it smells of wild herbs and surprises with its rich tradition of making cured meat products. they say, so you should first be pleased with the photos of the goodies, and you are invited to get to know the project on their website. Save it so that you will know all the important points of Laško cuisine when visiting places. Don’t miss those that proudly own the Taste Laško certificate!

Enjoy two short videos of flatlay table styling with traditional dishes.

Lasko kulinarika omizje pregreta smetana 1
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